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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making Vegetable Prints with a Gelatin Plate

Gelatin Plate Printing
It has been a busy summer and I have not spent much time in the studio.
I thought I would do some gelatin plate prints using some of the vegetables from a recent trip to Farmer's Market. Above, you can see the gelatin plate after it has been used and is starting to break down a bit.

I use 2 rounded tablespoons of gelatin to one cup of water to make my gelatin plate.
Heat until fully dissolved, then pour onto the mold and as it cools it will set up.
I use Pebeo Setacolor Transparent fabric paints. I like to use a lot of different colors and brush these on the plate to blend them.

Next step is to arrange the items you want to print with over the painted gelatin plate.
I really like making prints from plants - my favorite.
For this group, I used paper towels to gently remove the paint around the beets. I also pressed gently on the beets, leaves and stems to make a good imprint of the texture in the paint.

After the beets have been removed - I will lay my fabric over the gelatin plate, rubbing to transfer the image from the plate onto my fabric.

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MarveLes Art Studios said...

I am looking forward to seeing the result! Fabulous!