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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Demolition Series Under Consideration

This series dates back probably 4 years or more.  I was doing a lot of deconstructed screen printing and  was so crazy about it.  It is difficult to work with the fabric to create a final piece, though.  I tried and had some minor success.  This is one that I put together, layered, pinned, and set aside.  It is overprinted with a Thermofax screen that was created using the imagery from the deconstructed prints.  It is plenty big and could be trimmed to 40 x 40.  Trimming it to square would give it better balance.  This is one piece from the UFO box that would actually be improved by cropping.  I would remove from the white side.


JB said...

Removing the white is a good idea. It is a stronger piece without so much contrast.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, I'm definitely drawn to this one. Removing the white would indeed sharpen it up.