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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourteen Different Colors - Recycling Soda Ash Solution

Fourteen MX dye colors have been added to these same containers of soda ash solution. I've not changed or discarded the soda ash, but did add a bit once when the containers seemed to be getting a bit too low due to evaporation. This was a successful experiment with recycling soda ash solution in MX dyeing in order to conserve water.

I dyed the following colors in this order (most of the color names are Dharma's, but a couple of them are from Pro Chem):

1. Butterscotch
2. Overdyed the Butterscotch with Camel
3. Bronze
4. Khaki
5. Charcoal Gray
6. Maroon Brown
7. Chocolate Brown
8. Deep Orange
9. Chinese Red
10. Scarlet Red
11. Fire red
12. Fuchsia Red with 1 tablespoon New Black added
13. Deep Yellow with 1 tablespoon New black added
14. Golden Yellow with 1 tablespoon New Black added

The final two colors of yellow looked orange when they came out of the dyepots. I was a little concerned. I was pretty certain the red dye had all been exhausted, but my eyes were seeing orange, not yellow.

After final washout - I had some very nice yellows after all.

I am going to take a break from dyeing for a week or two, but I will be back. I need to get some cool colors added to my stash.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia,

Thank you very much for sharing this method with us. The results are beautiful and I will certainly try this dying method here on Sint Maarten (DWI)!


sophie said...

Seeing is believing. I will also be trying this method. Thanks for sharing it.