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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Silent Auction Pillow

I am converting a rejected art quilt into a pillow. The petroglyph piece (below) is hand dyed, block printed and screen printed. It was left over and laying around on my studio table. My sister admired it and she also asked me to create something for the fundraising auction for her kids' school. We agreed I could make a pillow from the blue petroglyph piece she had admired.

Well, it was not large enough, so I needed to print some additional fabrics. You can see one of the fat quarters I block printed in blue above. I did several different color combinations, then auditioned them (next two images)

The blue block print ended up on the back of the pillow.

And here is the front - salvaged from the slush pile!


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tiedyejudy said...

How beautiful! Amazing what can be done with 'rejects' when the right project comes along!