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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Finishing off the Driveway

 The driveway is leveled and ready for the next phase.  I have fantasized for years about having a long row of flowers along our driveway.  In the process of leveling things out - we decided to reconstruct a planting area in the center of the turnaround, so more landscaping bricks have been ordered - 5 pallets!

 I have been chipping away at this phase for a couple of weeks.  I have lost my helpers, so it is taking a lot longer.  Michelle broke her foot and Joe is complaining of back pain, so I have been on my own.  Furthermore, the heat is really getting intense and I have to quit by about 11 AM. - or when the temperatures get into the 80's.  (we have been having temps into the 90's).

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tiedyejudy said...

You have accomplished a lot this year so far! The planter will get done, sooner or later... hope the weather cools soon up your way. We are just now starting to get cooler temps and some summer rain, with more in the forecast.