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Thursday, May 12, 2016

More Work on the Elements

I like the circles and I think the white strips are necessary.  I am now struggling with the yellow vertical lines in the lower right.  I feel something should be there to balance the bright pop of color in the upper left corner.  I think maybe less strips or maybe a more muted color....  Am I getting close?


The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm really struggling with this one. I think it's the colors that simply are not appealing to me and the disjointedness of the various textures in the two pink pieces. That being said. I like this introduction of yellow "sticks" and think I would like them even better if they were brought down into the circles below - actually going over the edge and through the centers of those rings. It would give a similar effect as the yellow flashes in the hand-dye above.

Myki said...

I like the yellow but,maybe a horizontal placement would be a repeated design.