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Wednesday, May 9, 2007


The hillside directly behind our house is covered with these yellow flowers, which are "Yellow Peas". They have a sweet smell - much like a Sweet Pea, but they are suspected to be poisonous (according to my Audubon Society Field Guide).
Mountain Chickweed is blooming right along the walkway behind our house.

This apple tree was most likely "planted" many years ago when someone tossed an apple core. There is a natural spring near our house and we've been told that this was a picnic destination before this area was developed. The trunk of this tree is knarled and twisted, indicating it is very old. We have lived here for four years and this is the nicest I have ever seen the apple blossoms. Maybe we will have apples!

I am not getting a thing done in the studio. The weather is beautiful - temperatures in the 70's all week. I am babysitting Airus much of the day today and we will be playing outside a lot!

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