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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Celebrating Mothers Day Early

Yesterday, I spent the day with my girls, Joe and Airus for an early Mothers Day outing. Michelle had been introduced to an interesting landform near Greybull, Wyoming by some of her college friends. She wanted me to see this place called Devils Kitchen.

It is in a very remote location, not marked at all on BLM land. It was really spectacular.

It was quite warm, so we did not spend a lot of time hiking in the area.

We did walk around a bit, though.

All of these pictures were taken in a very confined area - maybe a mile or so in diameter.

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Dying to Quilt said...

Wow, Devil's Kitchen is amazing. I came by on a random hop. I'm a pediatrician, and I've been looking for art for my exam rooms celebrating breastfeeding. Does your daughter sell her paintings or prints of them? I also enjoyed your work. I also love to dye fabric, though it's been a while since I've gotten everything out. Once I start I can't stop, and then the whole house falls apart! But I can tell it won't be long, I'm getting too many ideas to try from webring surfing!

Happy Mother's Day!

Vivian in St. Paul, MN