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Monday, October 22, 2007

Co-op Gallery Location

2914 First Avenue North is the future home of an arts and fine crafts cooperative gallery and studio.

The entire space is approximately 1000 square feet. This is the view from the front door. This portion of the space will be the gallery and it is approximately 650 square feet. We plan to install track lighting.

There is excellent street exposure. First Avenue North is a one way street and 2914 has corner windows on the alley side, so street traffic can see in the window from half a block away. I have been told that 20,000 vehicles drive this street each day. There are restaurants on either side of the space. Cham Thai is to the west and Sweet Grass is to the east. There are a number of other restaurants and coffee shops within a block or two.
I am hoping there will be an artist interested in setting up a to work in the window.

The studio space is in the back with access to the restrooms (shared with the Thai restaurant). This space contains a single basin sink and there is room for a refrigerator and microwave on the counter. Work space for the member artists will be snug - about the size of a cubicle in an office. I plan to set up a design wall and work table in this space, and hope for 4 or 5 other artists to join me here.

The view of the entire building from across the street. This building has a full basement with lots of storage space.

Please contact me through a blog comment if you are interested.

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