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Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry

I took a little time out for myself this morning and put together a couple of pendant / earring sets. I am especially attracted to semi-precious stones and am also a big fan of copper findings. Above is a set made from opalized quartz. This set is really luminous, and therefore, seems a lot more dressy than I was originally intending.

This one is Adventurite. This stone is said to bring adventure and fortune. I am going to wear this one a lot, I think - it seems good for everyday wear and I could use the good fortune.

I purchased this citrine pendant at International Quilt Festival in Houston when I attended in 2004. It has been waiting in the bead box until now. The earrings are actually faceted amber, which are about the same color as the citrine. Both of these stones are good for attracting positive energy. I have a lot on my plate these days and I can take all the positive energy I can get!

I am off to paint ductwork and scrub walls so I can begin painting the bedrooms in the apartment.

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