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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Painted Canvas

Yesterday, I took a little break from my labors at the sewing machine (big quilting project) to splash some bright colors on a couple of pre-stretched canvases. I wanted to determine whether or not my hand cut stamps and screen print techniques would be effective on a premade canvas.

I was satisfied with this experiment. I think they might be worth a try in the gallery, if I do a series - maybe in a 12 x 12 size so they could be hung together in different configurations. I want to be able to provide some affordable fine art. This community is notoriously tight.

Yesterday, I met with one of my favorite ceramic artists at the location of my intended gallery. She and I discussed becoming partners in the venture. She was very enthusiastic and encouraging. She cannot give me a firm answer until May, but I feel certain she will be a mentor if not a partner. She has had a gallery in town for at least 20 years, but is currently in transition and is working to get ready for a big show in the midwest. She has asked if she can begin sending artists my way, as she has a lot of connections. Very exciting! Today, Joe and I will go hang the track lighting in the gallery.


Anonymous said...

I think these two pieces are very successful. But what size are they?

And are you planning to put them up on your etsy shop?

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Ro Bruhn said...

love these two pieces. The colours are divine.

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