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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Project Runway at Home

Do not try this at home!

If they offered this warning on one of my favorite TV programs - Project Runway - I missed it.
How unfortunate for me. Maybe I could have saved myself a lot of frustration. My 21 year old daughter, Michelle and I began collaborating on this outfit a while back. The dress was put together previously, but I have always wanted to make it a complete ensemble by adding some sort of jacket or coat. I've had about a dozen strong ideas, but finally opted for a very long, dramatic quilted coat of Habotai silk. The colors are her choice - not mine - offering a unique challenge ( I would probably never put these colors together otherwise!).

I want the finished piece to be worthy of entering in a couple of specific shows I have in mind, so I am taking extra pains with it.

I had to modify my original design on account of a fabric shortage. It is taking flippin' forever to quilt. The thread I started with is no longer available in town, so I have had to alter my quilting and design plan accordingly. And yes, I am working under some time constraints. There will be beading, too!


Anonymous said...

Operating under a few disadvantages but I am sure you can pull it off!

I love the website and everything! I'm glad I found you.


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