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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cyber Fyber Postcard Exhibition

The Cyber Fyber Exhibition
is being organized by Susan Lenz. In January 2009, the exhibit will be displayed at Vista Studios in Columbia, South Carolina.

Susan has created a series of blogs in anticipation of this exhibition. She has created hundreds of fiberart postcards and trading cards, which she has posted on the blog. She is trading them with other artists. The traded fiberart make up the 2009 Cyber Fyber Exhibit.

So, I got busy on some postcards - a good diversion from some of the other more mundane projects I am in the midst of.
The Crow postcard series is created from a gelatin plate print that has been embellished with screen printed birds, paintstick rubbings, and machine stitching. Then, I did some primitive embroidery.

The Organism postcard series has a foundation of hand painted fabric, which has been stamped with one of my hand cut rubber stamps and screen printed with a cellular organism (which actually looks rather flower-like) and a shadowy chicadee. Seed stitching by hand and machine stitching followed by a beaded finish.

The city postcard series is a screen print made from a picture of New York City that I took from the Empire State Building. The underlying fabric is hand painted and hand stamped with one of my handcut rubber stamps. A little embroidery finishes it off.
Another crow postcard - I have several of these - probably my favorite series.

This one with the buttons is the one I plan to send to the Cyber Fyber exhibit. Hand dyed fabric has been stamped with a transmission part as well as a hand cut rubber stamp. Machine stitching, buttons and embroidery finish it off.

Here is the postcard I am trading for. This is the one Susan made and sent to me.


Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Cynthia!
Yesterday and today I've spent organizing the CYBER FYBER trades and creating labels...which require me to "copy and paste" blog addresses...which, in turn, allow me to peek in to various blogs along the way. I've so enjoyed your blog and thank you for writing about our trade! Your work is stunning. Thanks for trading!
Now...back to work!

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