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Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Stamps

I cut a couple of new stamps this week, and am really happy with them.
The one above is similar to a smaller one that I've used quite a bit. I stamped some hand dyed strips of fabric leftover from a couple of previous projects. I was going for a bark like look. I stamped first in a dark transparent paint, then went back in with a lighter opaque mix of fabric paint.

I really like this one. I especially like the texture in the background. I think I will use this one for my next winter birds piece.

I really love this one, as well. Earlier this week, I used it for some paper art which ended up on some Valentine Cards I plan to send out to nieces and nephews.

I think this design lends itself to sky or water. It is a lot like a quilting design I like to do.

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