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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Adding a Border

I had already begun quilting this stamped piece when I decided it would be much improved with a border. I decided to add a border of brown hand dyed fabric (after auditioning several choices). I thought it might be interesting to continue the pattern created with the stamping out into the border, so once I had the border sewn in place, I covered the interior of the quilt with Glad Press and Seal. I brought the Press and Seal right up to the seam for the border. Then, I placed my stamp over the previously stamped portion, lining it up carefully so it would appear to continue onto the border fabric, but in a different color.

This has not turned out nearly as well as I had it pictured in my mind!
I rarely discard my projects, instead using them as personal challenges.
But I must admit, this one is not doing much for me and I have other projects more pressing. I may have to just put this one away for a while. I expect it could be much improved with the right quilting, but I am really not sure what that might look like, at this point! To my eye, the paint colors in the border are off, but the right color quilting thread could maybe fix that.

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Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Don't give up on this one. I like it and think you're right about the color of the quilting thread pulling it together. Be sure to post when you have it finished.