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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bird Study

I put this piece together as a study for an idea I am working through.
I was inspired by all the activity at our bird feeders these past few days, and I have an idea for a series of panels reflecting the appearance of the branches alive with the movement of the birds.

Looking at this now, I realize these birds are all resting. Maybe I need to try to get a picture of a bird in flight (it was challenging enough to get good shots of the birds in profile!) . Hmm . . . Or maybe I can do something with stitching to create movement. Hmm . . . . Feedback welcome.


Beverly said...

The larger piece brings to mind the scores of birds I see sitting in trees as I walk our river trail. So maybe the piece with birds in flight could be another one in the series?

Your colors certainly are winter, I like the pieced (or pieced-looking) background with the birds.

bj parady said...

I like what you're doing with these. And I see energy in the birds' poses, if not actual motion. Keep going, I want to see more.

indigocarole said...

They look perfect on the printed background you made. Are they screen printed? Thank you for sharing.

tiedyejudy said...

I looked outside yesterday, and saw about 50 birds clustered around one of my feeders... they were in motion a lot! All of them trying to get a few seeds, since I hadn't been out to refill the feeders in a day. Maybe if you show a few of the birds with their wings spread, it would indicate motion. Love the design and the concept you are working on!