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Monday, February 18, 2008

Journal Pages - Recycled Paper

I've registered my personal journal with the 1001 Journals Project. You can view it at this address:

For some reason, the link above does not appear to be working properly.

Try going to the web page for 1001 journals . The address is:

My journal is registered as #2623. If you enter that number in the search, my journal will come up.Here are a few new pages.

I am really loving the paper art I am doing in this journal.

All the papers are "trash" - either junk mail or pages I printed on my computer printer but no longer need.

I have been taping the recycled paper to my work surface with masking tape.
Then, I am covering it with a wash of leftover MX dye.
The next step is to stamp with some of my handcut rubber stamps.
The final step is to screen print. In some cases, I am writing on the pages afterward, but sometimes I just let it be art.

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