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Friday, February 1, 2008

Quilting Arts Magazine

I had just begun thumbing through my Quilting Arts Magazine when Joe brought in the mail and there was a large envelope from Interweave Press. I was surprised to find it contained another copy of the current issue along with a letter thanking me for my contribution. Hmmm. . . . I wasn't aware of any contribution. I glanced at the table of contents and saw the 2007 Journal Quilts were featured, so I went to that article and sure enough, there was my piece on page 83! In case you don't have access to the magazine and would like to see my quilt - I featured it on my blog last fall. Here is the link to my 2007 Journal Quilt. This is the third time my work has been featured in this magazine. I feel quite honored.

Our satellite monitor died last Sunday and I've not had Internet access for 6 days! Yikes! I had no idea how much I rely on it for information and entertainment! I am sure glad to be back online as of this morning, thanks to the efforts of my dear husband, Joe.

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