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Friday, February 1, 2008

Collage Mania II

My work has been accepted into the American Cancer Society Fundraiser: Collage Mania II.

These seven 8x10 works have been accepted into the ACS Fundraiser sponsored by Virginia Speigel - link to her website here.
They will be auctioned online starting May 5.

Each of these works has begun its life as a piece of paper destined for the garbage. My process is to tape the paper to my work surface and attack it with acrylic paints using various tools.

Sometimes - as in the pieces above and below, the paper is dyed with MX dyes before it is painted.

After the initial color has been laid down, I will go in with my hand cut rubber stamps to create a background surface. Next, I will add my screen printed images. I've been cutting interesting words and phrases from magazines, catalogs, and advertisements before I toss them. Some of these have ended up on my collages, as well.

This piece "Dream" is a wrapper from a chocolate bar. The tree image is the skeletal remains of a tree that was burned in the wildfire that swept through my neighborhood last summer.

This image is of a turkey vulture in flight. There are a number of these huge birds that hang around our place. They are graceful fliers.
This piece has a number of screen printed images as well as several different stamps. However, it is still possible to see the underlying craft store advertisement.

Can't wait till May to own one of these pieces of art? I have just opened an Etsy Store and have listed four collages from this series as well as notecards. Link to my Etsy Store here.

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Anonymous said...

Cynthia... How amazing your pieces are.. I saw them posted from Virginia's posting and then had to visit your website. I am in the beginning stages of Collage work specifically with art cloth.. Something I have wanted to do is work with the Eagle Image as my lake home is now home to 2 Pairs of Bald Eagles and 11 Babies have been hatched.. I'm having difficulty in constructing an image to represent the Eagle for both screenprinting and imagery.. any tips or suggestions? My webpage is