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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another one Finished

I found enough vintage buttons from my stash for the center of each square, but after those were sewn in place, I thought . . . .more.

There were plenty of brightly colored buttons in the bags I bought at Michaels to jazz it up a bit more.
Little Airus (20 month old grandson) was so attracted to this while I was adding the buttons. He spent a lot of time sprawled across the quilt fondling the buttons and telling me what color they were (he doesn't have his colors straight yet even though he knows all the color names. I am starting to wonder if he might have inherited the colorblindness which does run on his maternal grandfather's side.)

Looking at this quilt on the computer screen, I would have to say I think it looks much better in person. It is interesting - the effect of the stamping on each block. I did them in various colors and this really lends some depth and sparkle bringing some of the blocks to the front, while others recede.
Below is a picture I took after I pulled it out of the UFO drawer and stamped a couple of the blocks.

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Laura Krasinski said...

Cynthia... I love these!!! The colors are really vibrant...