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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More buttons

During my quest for brightly colored buttons, I discovered 4 oz bags of Vintage buttons were also available at Michaels. Printed on the package,

"Most of these buttons were made many years ago in the USA. Some of these buttons were gathered from high end NYC suppliers who distributed buttons from Italy and Holland. These buttons were discovered in basements and in sub basements in the old garment center of New York City, Soho." according to Jesse James Co. in Allentown, PA

Most of these buttons are black or white or metallic. I am happy to have them to add to my stash.

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Di's Quilting and Craft Blog said...

Have you ever tried dyeing the white buttons? I have tried with limited success using fabric dyes and of course tea and coffee for the aged look. Just found your blog on google and added it to my favourites - thank you for this wonderful blog. Dianne C