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Friday, January 25, 2008

Windows #4 - Springtime in the City

I've spent a little time at the sewing machine each day this week and now I have finished the quilting on this piece! I had other plans for this piece, but it surprised me when it told me it wanted to be machine quilted and I thought, "OK, Why not go with it?" I am glad I did. It was really enjoyable to quilt because I used a rather rustic free motion design that echoes the stamp pattern and it was very relaxing to do. The colors are so wonderful that I found myself cheered each time I sewed on it. I used 10 different colors of threads - some cotton and some polyester.

This piece is the fourth in my Windows Series. It may turn out to be a transition piece, because I think it also belongs in a new series of stamped whole cloth quilts (no name for the new series yet).

1 comment:

Amy said...

What great colors to work with when it is so cold and blustery outside.