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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stamped Autumn Fabric

The stamping fest continues. This is my Autumn theme stamped fabric. It is destined for a whole cloth quilt, with hand embroidered embellishment. This yellow green hand dyed cotton has been stamped using Setacolor Opaque and Transparent fabric paints and Jacquard Lumiere fabric paint. I really like the way the background fabric shines through.

As I am looking at it, I am starting to rethink my original plan for this piece. I have been doing a lot of borderless pieces, but this one seems to be asking for a border. What do you think?


Vicki W said...

I really love these seasons pieces!

imquilternity said...

The colors you are getting in these pieces are incredible! WOW!

Louise in SW Sask said...

you are making me homesick for autumn colours in the East again.... several month late!

I go thru this every year - missing the brilliant scarlets and oranges of the sugar maples. I usually have to make a "fall colour" piece. this year I had a photo of a tree in my yard in one place which helped.

Great work Cynthia.

I still haven't been able to track down plumber's gasket up here to make stamps out of. One of these days I'm gonna go to an actual plumbing contractor to see if I can get it from him....the hardware stores don't seem to have it.