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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stamped Fabric

I had the opportunity to continue with my stamped fabric series today. My concept is to communicate a scene, feeling, or idea using my hand made stamps as a paintbrush. I decided to try this concept with a series for the four seasons. I chose a background fabric for each season - one yard of my hand dyed cotton. This first one is Summer. The hot orange background color is to represent the sun's intense heat (and in my neighborhood wildfires, too)
I chose to use a single stamp. I wanted to convey the cool blues of the water and sky, the cool green vegetation, and the brilliant sunsets - all of these mean summer to me. I tried to generate movement by changing the orientation of the stamp and variegating the colors of paint.
For my Spring piece, I began with a yellow green variegated hand dyed yard and selected a variety of stamps to represent different things. Bright wildflowers in the foreground, fading into a deciduous forest in the background, with a brilliant blue sky above.
These pieces will be layered with batting and backing and machine quilted to create whole cloth quilts (an approach I have been using quite a bit this past year or so). I plan to follow that with a lot of hand embroidery and maybe some beads or button embellishments, as well. I can't wait to start the embroidery part. It is always slow going, but has such a tremendous impact, and is therefore, very gratifying.


tiedyejudy said...

I love your stamps, Cynthia! I just started making stamps last summer, using sticky back foam. But I definitely want to transition to the plumbers gasket on blocks. You get such great texture with them!


Angelika Westermann said...

Hi Cynthia,
I absolutely love your summer fabric, although I am rather an autumn loving person. But this fabric really vibrates with energy and life! You don't sell it by any chance???

Anonymous said...

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