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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tulle and Tyvek

This representation of a wildfire started as a piece of 100% cotton - handpainted with Setacolor fabric paints. I laid it out on a flat surface, applied my colors to damp fabric, crumpled it and left it to dry. I was satisfied with the result.

Then I received a gift of a box of tulle from a tulle manufacturer. At that point, I realized I had more tools (no pun intended) for creating depth and realism to the look of flames and smoke.

I used a glittery red tulle for the flames, and a crumpled gray for the smoke.

Using Tyvek to create the trees was almost an afterthought. I used Dharma pigments to color the Tyvek. I like this product because it has a very intense pigmentation and also bonds very well with the slippery plastic surface of the olefin.

This small piece is practice for a much larger one that is intended for the Elements Gallery opening in August.

I am sharing some of the tulle that I received from the manufacturer. Would you like some free tulle? Find out how at the Salvaged Threads Blog.

1 comment:

bj parady said...

Great job capturing the intensity and beauty of a big fire. Love the trees.