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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quilting a Village

Here is what I am stitching on these days - probably my final piece in this series of Glue Gel / painted villages. This one was also block printed and is quite large - probably 5 feet square. It has been waiting a long time for quilting, but I have procrastinated because I knew it would be a big chore.
So, I have it all set up and try to work on it an hour or two each day. I will finish it eventually at that rate. In the meantime, I am not getting much else done in the way of textile art. Right now, I am finding myself drawn to other mediums.

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Dahn said...

I thouoght I had posted, but...
Anyhoo--I love this piece. It still reminds me of the Russian villages one can see in Alaska. It must be a chore to quilt--but what a beauty it will be when you finish it!