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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yellowstone Art Museum Silent Auction

Yesterday was the Live Small Works Auction at Yellowstone Art Museum here in Billings.
They have a small works auction as a winter fundraiser, held during the December Downtown Artwalk / Christmas Stroll.
I took a piece in for the auction - I guess I dropped it off back in September.
I stopped by the museum yesterday afternoon to see the other work in the auction and to take a photo of mine.
I looked and looked but could not find it!
I noticed that some pieces were no longer hanging, however, with "SOLD" signs hanging instead.
After quite a bit of searching, I did finally discover that my piece already sold for full price and apparently the buyer took it with them!
I searched my photo archives and apparently I did not photograph the piece before taking it to the museum! That is pretty unusual - I rarely let anything out of my studio without taking a picture of it first! So sorry - I do not have a photo of it to share.
Nevertheless, I am pleased that it sold at full price BEFORE the actual auction! That is encouraging.

Instead of bidding on any of the YAM small works myself, I headed over to the open studio of my favorite local potter, Greg Jahn. I picked up several mugs (my favorite and I needed to replace my broken ones) and a big beautiful bowl!

Isn't this terrific? It was a splurge for me, but I love the colors and patterning and could not resist!


Victoria said...

Congratulations! One of these years, I hope to be in Billings for the YAM silent auction... have been a member of YAM since before it was YAM and try to stop by every time we're in MT... love looking at your blog from time to time but somehow am unable to be a regular! Am having a gallery show in February and having never done one before... am finding it very tricky to choose photos and figure out how best to present everything. (love the bowl you bought... will have to look up the potter next time I'm through Billings)

Diana Parkes said...

I agree, a beautiful bowl!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the full price sale - and the bowl is lovely!