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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Discharging Black Cotton Lawn

Years ago, I had a bolt of black cotton that discharged to a nice creamy white.
Ever since, I have been on a quest to find another black that will discharge to white. I have not been successful yet, but I recently purchased a large quantity of cotton lawn (a very delicate, thin weave) that discharges to tan. On my monitor, this is an accurate representation of the resulting shade of tan.

Above is an example of this black cotton lawn - pole wrapped bleach discharged.

Below, is an example of kanoko shibori with bleach on the black cotton lawn.

I have not yet tried using Jacquard discharge paste with this fabric, so have no idea how it might respond to discharge paste.

I am providing these images primarily for those individuals who wrote to me asking about the fabric I used in "Sticks and Stones", shown in a recent post about the Yellowstone Art Museum art auction. That fabric is no longer available.

I do have a large quantity of this 45" wide black cotton lawn, which I am willing to sell for
$6.50 per yard plus actual shipping charges (I prefer USPS). Please realize that I am not in the business of selling fabric, but I have a lot and if you feel you must have some, please email me and we can make arrangements.


wlstarn said...

awesome discharged fabric, especially the pole-wrapped one.

Connie Rose said...

Cynthia, black cotton gauze will discharge to white with bleach.