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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sacrifice Cliff in January

We've had some mild temperature days in January 2010.
A pleasant surprise, and Joe and I took advantage by exploring the
"Four Dances" area a bit west of our place in the Lockwood area of Billings.

This area is also known as "Sacrifice Cliff" - it overlooks the entire city of Billings as well as the Yellowstone river that winds around below it. The view above is to the north. The view below is to the south.

There are all kinds of legends about this area and various versions of how it got it's name. Several stories revolve around Native Americans who rode their horses off the cliff into the river, committing suicide. The Crow tribe refers to it as "the place where the white horse went down". The name "Four Dances" is also used by Native Americans.

The trail was still pretty icy the day we went, and the breeze had quite a bite, so we did not linger.

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