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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fabric Collage Paper

Recently, I cut up a bunch of paper grocery bags. I wanted to used them to create a new journal. I was planning to make it large, so I cut the pieces about 11 x 17" - thinking this would make a nice page size when folded in half.

I am not sure where the idea came from, but I decided to add fabric to the paper for visual interest, so I mixed up some very diluted gel medium and began collaging fabric scraps onto the brown paper bag "pages".

It was actually really fun to do and it seemed to be working. I did six of them and left them to dry. Since the fabric overlapped the paper edges - it held everything flat against the work table, so they dried nice and flat. I liked the results so much that I did the same to the back of each page.

I have now trimmed the pages so they are somewhat uniform and have done a bit of stitching on them with my machine.

I have a couple of ideas for them - one is to put the 5 signatures together into a single journal. I could fill one of the fabric sections each day with a little note or picture, and by summer's end - it would be finished.

Alternatively, I could use each one as a cover for a smaller booklet and put paper pages inside.
Hmmm. Can't quite make up my mind and I guess I won't until after the wedding. I am trying to get things picked up in anticipation of lots of company and activity in my house.

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margaret said...

Double sided - a bonus when used as covers for blank books - how wonderful that would be! Seeing your post makes me want to try this at once.