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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Construction Challenges

I have the background / sky fabric ready, but there are other design / construction issues to resolve.  I have sorted through my black fabrics, and have decided I will do an applique of the largest Wind Turbines.  This will allow me to move things around so as to create a satisfying layout.  One thing that really put me off my previous sunset version was the painted wind turbines.  I was not happy with the layout, but could not change it because it was painted.  I am ironing fusible web to the back of black cotton broadcloth.  I will use the overhead projector to create properly sized images from my photographs of wind turbines.

Being without my images for a couple of weeks while I tracked down someone who could get my documents off my defunct hard drive was a problem with this process.  I have taken a lot of photos of wind turbines over the years, but suddenly - they were all gone.  I did finally find a computer whiz who could get everything off my hard drive, but it took many days for them to be uploaded to Google so I could access them!  (I have a LOT of big photo files!)

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