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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Earth Stories - A Fresh Start

 Starting over - I hung a 3 yard piece of 60" wide cotton broadcloth on my clothesline and started flinging paint at it.  The whole piece is shown above.  Details below:
 I decided the sky needs to be more neutral / stormy.

The paint dripped down the fabric.  I love these areas.  I am not sure how they will appear once I add all my layers of printing, but I am going forward with using this as my background.  I do not have time to do this again.


Sande said...

I live in Michigan and will have a friend who was also accepted into that exhibit. We plan on doing a trip to the exhibition once it is hung. What fun it will be to see yours there too! Hope all goes well in finishing on time.

Linda Hazelden said...

I really like it!