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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Block Printing Over Color

Here is the full piece on the design wall after block printing with metallic paints.  I am feeling discouraged.  Not liking this much.  Not seeing it as any sort of improvement over what I had before.  I could give it up and toss it in the trash, but I rarely do such things.  I am thinking over my next step.  My choices are limited because it is already block printed and already quilted, too!


Sandy said...

How about chopping in irregular quarters and then rotating the orientation of the coloured area.

Or at least, you could try that with a print out of the photo. and if you did chop it and play around, you might find another idea comes to you.
Sandy in the UK

Vicki Miller said...

Cynthia, I always love your work and this one has both texture and colour.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I still think there's a disconnect between the original quilt and what you are adding to it. The over printing did knock back the color of those squares though. I'm wondering if adding some natural elements, like your tree thermofaxes, might help the two sections work better together.