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Friday, January 10, 2014

Purple Collage Challenge

 Two years ago, I was just easing into the process of block printing and screen printing on a fabric collage.  I was doing this exercise by using up scraps that were fused to the batting and then the raw edges were free motion zig zagged to secure them.  I did a big stack of these collages in various color combinations in anticipation that I would finish them off quickly.

Life got in the way, though, and I did not finish them off quickly.  For two years, the stack has been occupying a favorite upholstered chair in my studio.  This winter, I am challenging myself to work with these foundations.  This purple one was about 58 inches square.  I studied it for a while before deciding to cut it into two parts.

I have decided to try the smaller one first.  It measures about 28 x 58.
Horizontal or vertical?  Hmmmm.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Horizontal - if you're asking! ;-)

Vicki Miller said...

They will make a gorgeous pair. Just my colours. I will await the results. sure to be lovely