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Friday, February 27, 2015

Flinging Paint in a Rain Shower

 Most often, the fabrics I use in my art are carefully hand painted in a watercolor style, blending and controlling things to some extent.  By the time I had decided to try a grayed color palette for my Earth Stories piece, I was down to just one month from the deadline!  I had been working a full year on my other (sunset color scheme) idea.  I was waiting for the rain to stop falling so I could paint a large swatch of whole cloth outdoors on the flat driveway.  Alas, it rained for days and days.  Flat on the driveway was just not going to cut it.  Desperate, I cut a 3 yard piece of 60" wide white broadcloth and mixed up some gray, grayed purple and grayed blue Setacolor Pebeo transparent paints.  In a brief lull between rain showers, I hung the fabric on my clothesline and started pouring and brushing the paint on the fabric.  This is not my usual style at all, and there was a bit more running and dripping than I planned on, but I really did not have time to do it again. 

This last picture is a photo of the whole piece - all 100 x 60" of it!  I had no idea whether or not this was a waste of my time or not.  Lacking time or proper weather to try again, I moved ahead with the project, with a plan to try using this piece of fabric as a whole cloth foundation for what would come next......

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Linda Evans said...

I'm enjoying your running commentary. It's like waiting for the next episode of a favorite TV show. Pins and needles!