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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wind Turbines Sunset - Beginning

 I have decided perhaps a scene of wind turbines against a sunset might be a more interesting image (than the blue sky I did on my first trial piece), so I have decided to create a smaller piece to try out my ideas and process.  Above, a hand painted sunset fabric has been block printed with a setting sun and the ground.  Below, I have added some swirling prints to the sky.  I am already unhappy with the color transition in the sky - not as gradual as I hoped.
I felt like the block printing on the ground was a bit too strong / graphic / abstract  - I planned to overprint it with fossil screen printing and also - I wanted to balance the darker purple in the sky, so I just painted it in solid with the leftover purple from the sky. Not such a great start, here, but I will persevere. 

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