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Monday, March 2, 2015

Block Printing on Gray

 The next step for the gray sky would be the block printing.  I would be using hand carved printing blocks that I thought represented a windy or stormy atmosphere.....I planned to use silver Jacquard Lumiere, but alas, when I went to my shelves - I had just a small quantity of silver on hand.  This product is not available in stores in Billings, Montana and I did not have time to order from Dharma or anyone else!  It seemed like I might be able to stretch the silver if I mixed in some blue and purple and so that is what I did.  This probably was not really a bad thing, after all.  But I did use up every last drop of silver, blue and purple metallic that I had in my studio!  The printing took an entire day, as the fabric was so large and I had to keep sliding it around on the worktable to get the thing done....
Oh, my, but it did get printed.  Whew!

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Unknown said...

Wish I could see it in person. Wishing for the art quilting gods to stretch minutes into hours as you race toward your deadline. =o]