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Friday, January 15, 2016

A Second Studio

This is one reason I have not been keeping up with my daily blog posts.  I have been working daily for the past two and a half months on this commercial office building I co-own with my mother.  Due to a lengthy series of mishaps with property managers - my daughter and I are taking over the management of this 29 suite, 3 level building.  My daughter has had an office in the building for six years.  I decided I need a workspace in the building, as well.  This space was left trashed by the previous tenant.  I have taken on the task of creating a working studio / office in this space.  So much to do!  It has taken over every moment of my life - awake and most nights, as well.
I shopped around for affordable ways to create custom work space and ultimately decided I could build a sturdy work table base out of 2x4's.  I am planning to add a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood or MDF or maybe melamine coated particle board on the top of this base.  It will serve as a work table, as well as a meeting place.  It is counter height and I will be adding counter height bar stools (as shown).  I am contemplating doing some small group classes out of this space, thus the dual purpose work surface.  The work surface I have at home has cabinets underneath all the way around.  It is not possible to sit anywhere.  Standing all day really does not work for me, as I have chronic foot pain.  I am really excited about this new work table.  Notice the wheels! 
This smaller attached office measures about 12 x 9 - with a good sized dormer type space.  I think this will be suitable for a sewing room.  I believe I can custom build (out of 2 x 4's) a sewing table and a large ironing table / design surface. I am planning to build the supports right into the walls by screwing the horizontal pieces right into the wall studs.  It will make for a very sturdy work surface, I believe.   Stay tuned!

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