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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Journal Quilts 2006 - January, February, March, April

Lady in Waiting - January 2006

I was really struggling with my feelings about the impending birth of my first grandchild. My daughter seemed so young. My years as a single mother were the most challenging of my life, and I feared her future with the father of the baby was not secure. My worry colored all my thoughts and I decided I’d just work it through with a journal page. I wanted to use the fabric I marbled last summer. While looking at some Egyptian tomb art, I found a figure I wanted to adapt. Lady in Waiting was created. She deserved a lot of beads, which were sewn on in the hospital after Dad’s knee surgery. I am still worried!

Lady in Waiting #2 - February 2006

I was so happy with the first "Lady in Waiting", that I decided to try again with another type of image. I searched and searched and finally found an image from a "Printer's Mark" from 1493. A printers mark was used like a trademark - something printers used as a signet - during the Golden Age of Printing.

I used the marbled fabric once again, and added beads, but this one was a disaster!

Elizabeth in Bloom - March 2006

Michelle is home from college this month and she shot some film of Elizabeth and her big belly. After she got back to school, she sent this picture to me via email. I printed it onto fabric, but then what? I decided to tear some sheer fabric I had monoprinted with flowers last summer into a strip long enough to cover the image. It hangs loose - attached only at the top.

This one is a bit of a disappointment, too.

Grace - April 2006

This is to be my final "pregnant" journal quilt. The baby will be born this month. My daughter is radiant, graceful, and serene. So different from the way I felt when I was pregnant with her 21 years ago!

I've been able to use my hand marbled fabric each month so far.


Sue Kaufman said...

I love all your pregnancy journal quilts. Not only because they are all so unique. They are cohesive as a group. Each says something specific about being pregnant; all are valid statements (for me anyway)about pregnancy. I'm not sure I believe they are all images of your daughter. It seems you worked through some of your own stuff too, especially on the ones you are disappointed in, and I rejoice with you!

Each one is real. I think that may be my highest compliment about anything. Good for you for turning anxiety into beauty.

Sue Kaufman

Sarah said...

I feel the depths of each of your JQs -- to me they express not only the joy and angst of your daughter and yourself but also of also women as guardians of life. I hate to say it, but I particularly like 'Elizabeth in Bloom' -- it radiates peaceful reflection and physical repose. How lovely is your daughter and proud you must be!