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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Journal Quilts May, June, July 2006

Postpartum Blues - May 2006

Airus was born April 29. He is beautiful and healthy. The delivery was easy and my daughter is radiant, calm and serene as a new mother.

Elizabeth is not experiencing postpartum blues, but I know a lot of people struggle with depression after delivery. I wanted to use the Egyptian image from my first journal quilt and do it again - this time with the baby in arms. I wanted to do it shades that would convey the impression of postpartum blues. I think it might have been better if I'd used a contrasting color for the background - maybe orange or yellow? I dunno.

Madonna - June 2006

I had the idea of using some shibori dyed fabric for the background. I used reverse applique for the figure - two different fabrics - so I layered three fabrics on the top of the quilt sandwich to get this effect. I think the differences in the two fabrics are too subtle, actually, and I think I could have done a better job placing the figure. It would have looked a bit nicer a bit higher up, maybe.

The Duchess - July 2006

While helping my mother move this month - we came across some things I had never seen before. One of those things was her set of Alice in Wonderland paper dolls! Many parts were still there, and I was taken with this image of the Duchess. She let me take the whole set home!

I thought this Duchess image fell right in with my series of madonnas! This madonna must be the grandmother, though!

Really, I have been so dismayed these days at my reflection when I look in the mirror. Yikes! I am a grandmother! Gravity is starting to have its effect on my appearance. I don't look quite like this old gal just yet, but I fear I am headed that way!


Shoshana said...

I do love all of these. But the first one has to be my very favorite. Kind of reminds me of my hippy daughter when she got pregnant the first time, complete with spiked hair and mostly going nude.

Kathy Sands said...

I think Postpartum Blues is perfect with the same blue background. Somehow I don't think the message would be quite the same if you had used a warm color. The blue conveys exactly the mood. Love your work!