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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fabric Giveaway Jacket Preview

My friend, Brooke Atherton is hosting a fabric giveaway. A clothing manufacturer has gifted her with a ton of color sample pieces of 100% cotton knit, the type used for T shirts.
She, in turn, is distributing it to artists and is calling for creative projects to be submitted to her for publication. You can learn more by checking out the Fabric Giveaway blog. She still has fabric and is looking for interested artists.

I've been working on a jacket made of habotai silk layered with overdyed cotton knit.
I stitched an organic pattern in white cotton thread, then cut away some areas of the cotton knit to reveal the silk underneath. (shown above)

Next, I overdyed the whole thing. The silk and white cotton thread took the scarlet and lemon yellow dye, and the blue shifted to a darker shade of purple. There are long strings from serging the edges hanging off the bottom and I plan to string beads on these. Then, I will add a few more beads and some kind of closure.

Elizabeth spotted it in my studio yesterday and asked to try it on. She loves it!