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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wildlife Views

On Monday, Airus looked out the window and said, "deer". We looked and there was a nice buck grazing in the yard. A few minutes later, another buck joined him.

Later in the day, Elizabeth was planning to give Airus a ride in the wheelbarrow, but when she turned it over, there was already somebody in it. This big fat Black Widow spider!
I gave the spider a ride far from the house and swept her from the wheelbarrow with a pine branch.

Yesterday, it started snowing and it snowed again today. We've probably accumulated 6 to 7 inches at this point. I can't bear to take a picture of it. Maybe later, when Airus goes out to play in it or something. It is supposed to reach 5 degrees tonight.

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zquilts said...

We've got the deer variety of wildlife as well, but not the spiders thank goodness (well maybe we do and I don;t know it!) I appreciated seeing what they look like....