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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Handbags

I am still plugging away on the quilted handbags that I make periodically out of fabric scraps. I store all my scraps in a large plastic tub and when I gets full, I sort them into color families and sew together randomly.

Once I have a big enough rectangle, it is quilted, then I add a pocket, zipper, straps, and lining with a pocket. I make a beaded zipper pull for each one. I don't use a specific pattern. I have just worked out my own through trial and error. No two bags are alike. I just make various sizes and shapes, which helps keep me from getting totally bored with the process (it is still pretty repetitious).
This is the black group. Most of them have been enhanced with stamped fabric paints. I've made about 40 of these so far in the past month. They generate a little income through a couple of different outlets.

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