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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quilted Fabric Ornaments How To

To make the Quilted Christmas Ornaments in my last post, I start with a block print. I cut mine from plumbers rubber gasket material mounted onto a wood block with water resistant carpet tape.

Yesterday, I cut a new block using a photo I had taken of a chickadee in the backyard birdfeeder as a guide so I could get the markings right. (I really can't draw all that well, but I can adapt!)

This morning, I printed a bunch of little birdies on a piece of hand dyed fabric. When it is dry, I will iron fusible web onto the back.

Last evening, I put the Trout and Wild Horse Ornaments up for sale at my Etsy store


Gerrie said...

I was wondering how you did these. They are wonderful. I think I would do a thermofax screen since I am not that adept at carving!!

Anonymous said...


These will be really nice--I love the look of block prints and have all the stuff to make some but think I lack the artistic skill.

Chickadees are my favorite bird; robins were my mother's.

I'm sure you have thought about cutting a fruit/vegetable open, making a print of it's insides and using it as a model for a block carving---in fact, I might try that.

Sylvia at home today in windy Beaumont Texas

Margarita Korioth said...

Thank you for explaining how you did the ornaments; wonderful idea.How did you transfer the design on top of the plumbers rubber gasket, before you did the carving?

TeriPower said...

This looks great. I wonder about the stamping ink. I am trying to find a way to stamp with natural pigments but need to know more about binders and thickeners...What did you do?