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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tractor Ride

We took a little overnight trip up to the Coffee Creek / Denton area to visit with family.
Joe and I were lucky to be able to have two year old Airus join us for the visit. His mom had to stay home and work. The weather was very cold -11 (and windy so not sure what the wind chill was, but you could not stay out in it for long) when it was time for my dad to feed the cattle. Airus and I got to ride along! The dog is Beau - he runs along beside the tractor while Dad feeds.

Dad feeds these round bales and he has this special trailer that lifts each bale onto a rolling fork that breaks it up and spits it out as he drives along. We rode along to feed the calves, bulls, and horses. There were also water holes to chop. Very interesting for little Airus!

We also had a chance to visit with two of my sisters and their families. Airus loved visiting with family! He is such a social little guy. He had hugs for everyone.

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