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Monday, December 1, 2008

Trout on Canvas

I am planning to offer two pieces of art for a local charity art auction. This organization has not featured textile art in the past and some of the committee is dubious, so I wanted to offer a couple of pieces that have been mounted on canvas. These two were actually one, previously. That may be obvious due to the close cropping. I was going to discard the top half, but I liked it too well so I just bound it and decided to try mounting it. I really like the simplicity of "Two Trout"
What I have not yet decided is - which two of the three pieces I should offer to the charity auction.
Two trout pictures? Or one of the fish and the other the city piece from the previous blog entry? I am reluctant to offer two that are so similar, but it is a local event and fish are popular in this neck of the woods.

Maybe I'll do eenie meenie miney mo to decide.