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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glue Gel Resist Again

This is a work in progress. Dye painted glue gel resist whole cloth that I did last summer.

I did the machine quilting a few months ago, and had a plan for hand stitching with ladder embroidery and colorful buttons.

However, I got sort of stuck when I felt that maybe the stitching actually detracted from the overall appearance. So now it is hanging out on the design wall while I wait for inspiration.

This is a new symbol in my work. I've never been attracted to crosses before. If you know my work, there always seem to be spirals and / or circles. Both feminine symbols. The cross is traditionally a masculine symbol. A few people have told me they are reminded of a massive cemetary such as Arlington. However, when I look at this, I see the crosses more as flying birds!

We are taking off for some southern sun today. By that, I mean a nice long vacation in Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico. We fly to Las Vegas tonight! So my future posts will probably be more about what we see on our vacation (assuming I can get online somewhere along the way!)


namsmams said...

could this be our young men flying home from Iraq?

tiedyejudy said...

Enjoy your vacation! I'm assuming you will be in southern, not northern AZ... bummer! I'm in Flag, and we are due for some weather this weekend. But I was in PHX last Friday... very mild, sunny day. Have fun!