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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Glue Gel Resist

Rainbow Buildings
43 x 59"

I've been working on quilting this piece for about a month. There have been a lot of stops and starts on account of problems with my machine and a lot of other things on my plate.

I've been doing a lot of architectural pieces these past 9 months or so.
Why? I think there is symbolism here and a correlation with my artistic life.
An artistic life that I am building. Constructing. Trying to create in a structural way.

I expect I used two or three bottles of glue to create all the resist lines in this piece.
Before washing out the resist, I painted it, then block printed it. I was thinking about trying to create a city that was covered in colorful graffiti. Not sure I accomplished that, exactly, but I have a different idea for the next piece in this series.


Michele said...

Beautiful! I absolutely love the colors, and the glue gel really makes the architectural lines strong. And the stitching is fun, fun, fun!

Judy Alexander said...

I must try this glue resist!

tiedyejudy said...

This is a fabulous piece! The stitching just adds so much! And your paint colors are just beautiful! Very inspiring...

Anonymous said...

I loved your article in Quilting Arts! My friend and I had to try it immediately! The pieces are still drying and need to be washed, but we're so excited. Thanks for a great, inspiring article and such an accessible technique. We teach art at senior centers, and this would be fabulous.

Jackie K. said...

Thank you for sharing this technique in Quilting Arts! I'm enjoying my first efforts and thrilled with the results..

Sandra said...

I love this piece! Lovely colours and stitching.