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Friday, January 9, 2009

12" Square Art Quilt on Stretcher Bars

Bamboo IAlign CenterI have been working with the constraints of a 12" square. Challenging for me. Not so much the size, but the shape. In my previous entry, I showed this piece and complained that I felt it was too busy. I decided it needed a border to create some negative space. I ended up trimming it down considerably so it would fit on the background that is a separate quilt that has been stretched over stretcher bars.

It doesn't really show in the pictures, but I am pleased with the extra dimension created by the smaller quilt placed over a background.

I am also satisfied with the process I came up with for stretching the quilt. I sewed a folded strip of fabric along each edge (2" strip folded to be 1" wide). This gave a nice finish to the edge, reduced bulk, and gave me a firm edge for stapling.


imquilternity said...

The border definitely makes the quilt seems less busy and it looks wonderful stretched over the stretcher bars.

Carol said...

The difference is amazing! Just what it needed to balance it out.

Patricia said...

The turquoise frame makes the center pop. I also love how you used the fabric on the back