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Friday, January 9, 2009

More 12" Squares

Ok, I admit these look messy. This is a process I have been using a bit lately, in which I print on hand dyed fabric with my hand cut blocks, followed by screen printing with a Thermofax screen. I print with a lighter color of paint and again with a darker color to give it dimension. I have been doing this on recycled scrap paper.

I made a new Thermofax screen of bamboo that I was really excited about, but I see now that the final image is just too busy and chaotic. Hmmm . . . . any correlation to my life in real time?

Chaotic, messy and too busy?

I have been thinking these pieces needed a focal point, but now I am thinking what they really need is a border - something to offset all that busy color and texture. Maybe they would be smashing mounted on stretched canvas?

1 comment:

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

The second piece is very busy, but I think the first one has just the amount of bamboo detail. I vote for no border. It's lovely like it is.